Hello. This post introduces a new website about Plerd, located for the present at http://plerd.jmac.org. I intend, here, to post news and updates of interest to the tiny but extant Plerd-using community. It also serves as a nice place to collect and prominently display useful Plerdish hyperlinks, such as the link to Plerd’s GitHub-hosted documentation up in the top navigation bar.

Heretofore I have shared Plerd news from time to time on my general-interest blog. However, I have held back from posting every update about the software as often as I might like, since more detailed or frequent news about Plerd would not really fit Fogknife’s tone. Inversely, I’ve felt self-conscious about folks seeking Plerd news to have to wade through all my writing about cats and politics first. As such, I hope that this separation of interests will encourage me to keep Plerd’s users more informed.

Admittedly, this also counts as a dogfooding experiment, since the next version of Plerd currently under development more easily allows multiple blogs to co-exist on a single server. And with this post, we see this new feature officially at work. Things, I dare say, look okay for now.

Next post: Request for testing and comment: dist-friendly Plerd

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