Over on Fogknife, I have begun experimenting with a new experimental Plerd branch that implements tags. It’s pretty simple: the published docroot contains a directory called “tags”, containing one page for every unique tag mentioned in posts’ metadata, and each such page links back to all the posts invoking that tag. There’s a master tag list, too.

When I first launched Plerd in 2014, I declared its lack of tags or categories as a feature — but, four years and 250 Fogknife posts later, I found myself desiring a little bit of basic post-categorization after all. So when my old pal Joe Johnston submitted a pull request last August that added tags to Plerd, I welcomed it. I was knee-deep in the “CPAN” branch by then, though, so I put it off, and Joe has since requested that I make any final changes myself. So, that’s what I’m doing now.

I intend to twiddle with how tags work until satisfied with it, and then turn it into a pull request of my own. Your thoughts on it are quite welcome in the meantime, and the tags branch exists on Plerd’s GitHub repository as well.

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