I’m pleased to release version 1.8 of Plerd, my homegrown blogging system for extremely forgiving people, featuring the following significant updates:

  • Added support for tags. Thanks to Joe Johnston for the basic concept, and much of the implementation work.

    I first wrote about this here a couple of months ago, and Joe’s work helped me decide that I like tags a lot now. So, here they are for everyone.

    In order to make tags work on an existing Plerd-based blog, you’ll need to copy over and adapt the new tags.tt template into your blog’s own template directory, and also copy over the tag-printing loop now found in the default post.tt template. (Feel free to contact me or the plerd-users mailing list if you need help with any of that.)

  • New-blog initialization via plerdall --init should actually work now. Thanks to Bo for the bug report.

    Specifically, it wouldn’t work if one didn’t already have a Plerd config file set up — exactly the sort of condition that I’d miss in casual testing, even though it precisely describes the environment of a new Plerd user.

  • Fixed a bug that would make automatically derived post descriptions show up as blank, in certain circumstances.

  • Fixed a bug that ignored any user-set webmention-listener log level.

The latest Plerd is available from CPAN.

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