• The #plerd IRC channel on Freenode (chat.freenode.net) is active again. Which is to say that I’ve resumed idling there, and have set up IRCCloud to send me an alert should anyone say or ask something whilst I idle.

    You also can join via webchat, just in case you number among the billions of people using the web without a preferred local IRC client set up.

    Admittedly I’ve acted back-and-forth about my IRC presence regarding Plerd for some time. But I remain a lifelong supporter of IRC in all its ugliness, and find it a perfectly suitable venue for discussing similarly ugly open-source projects like Plerd. So, I once again welcome conversation there.

  • I’ve wrapped up the “plerd-announce” mailing list, which I had launched alongside two other lists last year. Its purpose had become obviously redundant with the blog you are now reading, which I have provably been more eager to update. The other two mailing lists — intended for discussion among Plerd’s users and developers, respectively — remain online.

    You know what? I should put links to those two mailing lists on the sidebar of this blog. And the IRC channel, too. There, I just did it.

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