Plerd v1.810 adds MultiMarkdown support (by way of Tomas Doran’s Text::MultiMarkdown code library). Thank you to Petter Hassberg for adding this feature.

This release also improves Plerd’s handling of inconsistently capitalized tags. As noted in the “Tags” section of the documentation:

If faced with inconsistent capitalization within a single tag, e.g. one post claims “boston” for a tag and other one claims “Boston”, then Plerd will prefer the first tag containing capital letters to one that contains none, and it will retroactively apply to across all relevant posts.

This took a surprising amount of work to implement! A lot comes down to the fact that you just can’t rely on filesystems to separately store two files with similar but differently capitalized names. Dropbox gets weird about this, too. It’s not a problem I’d ever had to wrangle with before. The “obvious” solution would involve normalizing all tags into lowercase, but some things just require capital letters, and I didn’t want to force Plerd users (myself included) to knowingly misspell tags for the sake of my lazy system.

(And already there is v1.811, because I managed to break tag ordering. It’s fixed again.)

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