Version 1.9 of Plerd, which I expect to release sometime between July 15 and December 31 2020, will involve the following two changes to the software’s currently-experimental Webmention support:

  • Plerd will officially support sending webmentions as a documented, no-longer-experimental feature.

  • Plerd will remove support for receiving webmentions.

I first added Webmention support to Plerd in 2018, but never improved it to a point that let me feel comfortable calling it non-experimental. I started fresh with my Webmention implementation efforts in the spring of 2020, ultimately releasing Whim, a stand-alone, command-line-based program for sending, receiving, and managing webmentions.

If you’d like to continue receiving and displaying webmentions with your Plerd-based blog beyond version 1.8 — and you haven’t already set up an alternate solution besides Plerd’s experimental built-in support — then I invite you to use Whim. I have posted a Plerd-to-Whim migration script to GitHub; if you have any questions about its use, please drop me a line.

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